IT Security Summit 2020
23. -25. November 2020 | Online
Das große Trainings- und Konferenzevent für IT-Security

DevSecOps: A buzzword or a necessary step towards Secure DevOps?

Night Session
Dienstag, 24. November 2020
17:15 - 18:00

By embracing DevOps methodology we are living in a different era: one in which the speed of new releases of software products is necessarily much higher than in the past. "Users in the business are happy with that, but security people have a lot of trouble with it. Part of the solution is the integration of automated security testing in the DevOps toolchain. This is crucial to be able to intervene quickly and on time. Every time a new version of application or process is introduced, you know that security is "fact-based". This approach is also known as "Evidence Based Security Testing". Topics covered are: * DevOps, DevSecOps, * How companies can integrate automated security testing into the DevOps toolchain. * Example from practice * "Evidence Based Security Testing" Presentation is about the following kind: Security Testing DevOps Agile Test Automation Test Tooling Fitnesse Zap Top 10 OWASP CI / CD

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